What is joint custody?

Child custody has two parts: legal custody and physical custody.  Joint legal custody means that both parents share in the major decisions regarding their child. These types of things normally include choices relating to the child’s school and/or day care, religious exposure, and health care treatment.  Parents with joint legal custody may also want to discuss issues like which discipline methods best suit their children, ground rules for dating and socializing with friends as the children get older, and which extracurricular activities or sports the children will participate in outside of school.  

Joint physical custody refers to the amount of time each parent spends with the child(ren). Custody agreements may include a variety of different custodial schedules. Several factors are considered when determining the most ideal physical custody arrangement for a child, including who was the primary caregiver during the marriage. Typically one parent has primary physical custody and the other has secondary physical custody.  It is not typical for a court to order 50-50 physical custody as it is not favorable for the children, especially during the school year.

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